Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Goodbye Lilongwe!

Saying goodbye at our last homeschoolers meeting in Lilongwe

Well, we have arrived in Zambia. It was a long trip (13 hours) but it was happily uneventful. The kids did great, Jasper did great...we had no throwing up after the first few hours.

We are in the process of getting settled in our new house here in Kabwe. We are trying to figure out when the power cuts are so I know when to cook and when we will have water. Right now the two main things that will make me happy are to have my washing machine hooked up and to get the big water tank hooked up that will allow us to have water even when the power is out! Well, if the big snake Joel saw outside stays outside, those things are all I need to make me happy.

Thanks everybody for praying for this move and please keep on praying! It is a big adjustment for our entire family.