Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Too old for Barney

Joshua and Jonathan used to love to watch Barney and Friends back when we were in Brazil. The other day I found it on a channel we have here and I called them to see. I was so excited, and I happily sang along with the fun, catchy tune Barney and the other little dinasour were singing and asked the boys if it wasn't great that I had found Barney on the TV. Well, they both looked at me a bit apologetically and said, "Mom, I think that we are getting a little bit old for Barney." WHAT? Too old for Barney? When Joshua and Jonathan outgrow something I guess it makes me a little sadder than I would normally be because it means that our family has outgrown Barney. No more "I love you...You love me...we're a happy family..."

Happily Jon and Josh have not outgrown snuggles and hugs and goodnight kisses and our nightly "Don't let the bed bugs bite" contest (who says it first wins). We went camping last week with friends and my friend Kristy took some pictures of the boys on a hike. Jeff and Bri took some pictures of the other kids but I can't get those till Friday; so hopefully next week I will write again with some more pictures.

So, here are some very recent pictures of my boys who are too old for Barney.