Friday, July 24, 2009

Catching up!

It has been a few months since I have posted on my blog. My friend Amy asked for my blog address so I realized that I should write an update for her!

We are in the wintere here so usually are pretty cold! It isn't as cold as it used to be in Brazil; but is plenty cold for us. We go around all wrapped up in blankets in the mornings and evenings around the house.

School is winding down; it is about time since Tim Heath is arriving next month with our things to start our new school year. My poor kids don't get much of a break. But they are happy. I will just put a few pictures of our crazy family taken over the past few weeks and months. I have a new one to put up after I put it on the computer of a snake Morris killed in our yard (he said 5 so far!).

Alissa, Kaleb, Rachel Roth, Andrew and Anna
Alissa and Kaleb being silly!

At Mulingushi Dam

Shadow, our rat catcher
Josh and Jon

Anna doing chores...................................Andrew


Amy said...

Thanks for the blog address and the updated post! The kids were missing you and hoping to see the pictures! I'm so happy you have a camera again!

Grateful for Grace said...

Oh, I hope you start blogging more. I enjoy hearing about your life there.

A Q: how old was your oldest when you were called to the M field?

Darcy said...

Months and months later I respond...Joel and I have been missionaries since we were married so; it was before we had kids. :-)