Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We have been in Zambia for more than a year now; in Africa for more than two years! It always seems amazing right after the birthdays of the kids and I realize how much they have grown since we left.

We had a fun Christmas time this year. We were planning on taking a trip to Malawi to visit friends but the other missionaries also had plans for the holidays and since everybody couldn't be gone at once, we stayed in Kabwe. It was relaxing and nice and there ended up being a huge fuel problem in Malawi so we figured it was probably just as well that we didn't go at that time. On the 26th we went to a little retreat place called Ibis Gardens which is less than an hour away for 2 nights. They have a wonderful pool (Jon learned to swim!) and a place to play volleyball and the kids taught me frisbee (Andrew is a good teacher). We watched movies before bed and played games during the day and ate at the restaurant some meals; some meals just had sandwiches in our rented house. It was very nice. Short; but still nice just to get away.

Joel is going to be going to the US for awhile coming up and he is going to take Alissa with him! I am so excited for her and also for my parents and Jamie who get to spend time with her (because she is a great person!). I am going to miss them a lot; I have no idea what I will do without Alissa's help (she teaches Josh and Jon mostly and also helps me a lot with cooking); and also without her company. It is fun to just hang out with her and laugh and talk about life.

Ok, now that I remembered my address for this blog I will have to see if I can write in it more regularly. And maybe after Joel gets back from the states I will actually have a camera again!

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Amy Riemersma said...

Thanks for the update, Darcy. So happy that you and your family were able to get away. Joel will be at our church for the missions conference. Will pray for you as you are without your daughter and hubby. Maybe you can make some meals up and store them in the freezer. Can you do that there?!?! Have a great day and look forward to more updates. Hugs!! Amy